Folding wide format documents manually is time consuming and quite inefficient sometimes - Stop it now! estefold is a perfect fold aid doing the job in a professional manner. Whether engineering office, copy shop at the corner or multinational energy company - estefold offers the right choice for everybody.

Offline Folding Systems

  • Easy to use and convenient to operate
  • Precise, sharp edged and accurate folding to the millimeter
  • Entry level - as well as high performance model

estefold 3000
estefold 3000W
estefold 3010
estefold 6010

Online Folding Systems

  • Fully automatic, attached to printer
  • Enables unattended printing from multiple work stations
  • Fully integrated with most wide format printer models  

estefold 3001
estefold 3011
estefold 6011


  • Technical plans stacked accurately & precisely
  • Complementary to all commonly used large format printers
  • Easy to use & productivity increasing

estestack 2000