es-te folding systems

Folding System estefold 3011

estefold 3011  marks the first member of a completely new designed generation of ES-TE folding machines.

In addition to a high degree of user-friendliness, the development focuses also on a space-saving concept that makes printer and folder appear as a cohesive system.

A very appealing designed graphical user interface allows for simple, intuitive setting of all desired fold parameters on the 7" touchscreen.

The target group of estefold 3011 is formed by users of small- and medium volume printers.


Minimum footprint thanks to innovative approach

Excellent overwiev thanks to clear design concept

Highest user-friendliness thanks to a user guidance

Easy set-up thanks to "plug & fold" concept

Extremely flexibel thanks to millimeter incements

So quiet that it is even certified for use in living rooms!

estefold 3011: Innovative - Compact - Efficient

Technical Data

User interface 7" Touchscreen
Fold technology Rollers
Paper feed Automatic (opt. manual)
Programs 45 - editable
Folding styles DIN A,B,C & Freestyle
Conveyor capacity up to 80 A0
Panel width Fan-Fold 170 - 230 mm
Panel width Cross-Fold 250 - 320 mm
Margin 0 - 50 mm
Fan-Fold only 29 panels (80 g/m²)
Fan- and Cross-Fold 17 panels (80 g/m²)
Paper width 297 - 930 mm
Paper weight 60 - 120 g/m²
Weight 248 kg
Dimensions 178 x 86 x 112 cm (LxWxH)


Please click on the following link for the requested file:

estefold 3011 Flyer