estefold 2300

The offline Folding Standard

In a first step the plan has to be fed into the estefold 2300 manually for the fan (length) fold.

For this purpose it can either be chosen one of the four pre-programmed, most common fold programs or one of the individual adjustable fold programs. 

The fan folded plan can be obtained from the exit tray without having to bend down.

In a second step the fan folded plan has to be re- fed into the estefold 2300 for the cross fold.

The now finished fold package can be obtained from the exit tray.



The estefold 2300 is characterized by a clear, digital display, an outstanding reliability and an extra wide feed table in a convenient working height which eases the manual feed.

Only a few minutes practice are sufficient to utilize its full potential.

The integrated service program enables time saving test runs and a fast error diagnosis. 

  • The fold speed is 19 m/min
  • The fold tolerance is ≤ 1 mm  
  • The max. input format is 930 mm wide and unlimited in length

estefold 2300 is perfectly suited for small to medium volumes


Fold Away Feed Table

offers the advantage that it can be easily flipped down when the estefold 2300 is not in use. The footprint is therefore reduces by approx. 50%.

Narrow Fold 10 cm

enhances the foldable package width to 100- 420 mm which allows maps to be folded to their standard format. Hiking-, biking- or city maps can be created fast and dependable in individual volumes.

Catch Tray

Cross folded A1 and A2 formats are collected separately in the additional Catch Tray and can be obtained faster and more conveniently.

Technical Data

Fold technology Rollers
Paper feed Manual (2 Steps)
Paper length 420 mm - unlimited
Paper width 297 - 930 mm
Paper weight 60 - 110 g/m²
Pakage width 180 - 420 mm, opt. 100 - 420 mm
Cross fold width 200 - 420 mm
Cross fold length up to 1,5 m (80 g/m²)
Margin 0 - 30 mm
Fold programs 12
Fold standards DIN 824, AFNOR, ANSI u.a.
Fold speed 19 m/min
Input height 860 mm
Consumption 115/230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6A/3A
Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 1410 x 1310 x 1010 mm (L,W,H)


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