Folding System estefold 2300W

Handles plans and technical drawing which are up to 48" wide.

estefold 2300W offers the most extensive functionality of its class - already included in the standard configuration:  

  • 4 pre-programmed, most common fold programs, 4 freely editable programs and additionally 4 free-style programs in which each layer may be defined independently
  • Biggest, most comfortable and tiltable feed table
  • Adjustable fold speeds of 5 - 21 m/min
  • Unlimited fan fold length
  • Package width fan fold: 100 - 420 mm (adjustable in 1 mm steps)
  • Package width cross fold: 200 - 420 mm (adjustable in 1 mm steps)


estefold 2300´s proven, industry standard setting, unique adjectives: most accurate folds, highest reliability and extremely long lifetime were of course adopted by estefold 2300W.    

The new, bigger, digital display allows an even more intuitive user experience as each fold style is clearly visualized.

The speed customization ensures perfect fold results also with lighter paper weights, glossy or coated surfaces and full color prints.

estefold 2300W is perfectly suited for any volumes of extra wide prints.  


Pressure Enhancement

The pressure enhancement increases the pulling force of the entry roller and therefore minimizes processing variations when folding lighter paper weights, glossy or coated surfaces and full color prints.  

Adjustable Feet

The adjustable feet allow for a simple levelling of the folder on uneven floors. They are supplied with the folder, in addition to the factory-mounted rolls, and must be screwed on instead on site.

Technical Data

Passes for full fold 2
Folding speed 5 - 21 m/min
Document length (Fanfold only) 400 mm - unlimited
Document length (Fan- and Crossfold) 400 - 2100 mm (80g/m² DIN)
Document width 100 - 1220 mm
Media weight 60 - 120 g/m²
Panel width 100 - 420 mm
Panel height 200 - 420 mm
Margin 0 - 30 mm
Fold programs 12
Fold standards DIN 824, AFNOR, ANSI etc.
Dimension (operating mode) 1429 x 1612 x 1018 mm (LxWxH)
Dimension (tilted down table) 677 x 1612 x 1018 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 185 kg
Power consumption 115/230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6/3 A


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estefold 2300W Factsheet

estefold Product-Brochure


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