Folding System estefold 3000W

Welcome to automatic folding!

estefold 3000W is a perfect complement to all large format printers.

It handles technical plans and drawings and alike up to 48" wide.

They are folded accurately and efficiently using this top-notch folding system.

Processing several sheets per minute is effortless - even for inexperienced users.

estefold: The brand of choice for true professionals.

estefold 3000 - standard configuration


estefold 3000W impresses with its unique touch display.

Selected folding style or specific instructions are shown in unmatched detail.

Individual folding styles can be created, saved and restored conveniently and in unprecedented flexibility.

Even adjusting the folding speed between 3 - 30 m/min is quick and easy, as it has never been.

All while, proven & highly appreciated advantages like:

  • Complete assembly ex-works - plug & fold
  • Large feed-in table - for precise & comfortable input
  • High quality componets - for reliability & longevity

were retained.

estefold 3000W: So quiet, it´s certified for use in living rooms.