estefold 2400

Online Folding at half the price

The paper is taken directly from the printer and fan (length) folded  automatically first.

Simply select a fold program from the four pre-programmed, most common fold programs or one of the individual adjustable fold programs. 

The fan folded plan can be obtained from the exit tray without having to bend down.

Then reefed the plan on the bridge for the cross fold.

The now finished fold package can be obtained from the exit tray.



estefold 2400’s bridge can be tilted  into an upright position easily in order to replenish paper rolls on the printer.

The folder comes with a standard manual feed allowing the user to feed plans printed by other printers manually as well as a catch bag for unfolded prints.

estefold 2400 can easily be controlled "online" from multiple workstations by additional plot software supplied by the printer manufacturer or any other software vendor.

The automatic format recognition of the plot software makes sure that the plan is printed in the direction required for automatic folding. 

Errors are immediately reported and analyzed.

  • The fold speed is 19 m/min
  • The fold tolerance is ≤ 1 mm
  • The max. input format is 930 mm wide and unlimited in length

estefold 2400 is the right choice for low to mid volume printers.


Narrow Fold 10 cm

enhances the foldable package width to 100- 420 mm which allows maps to be folded to their standard format. Hiking-, biking- or city maps can be created fast and dependable in individual volumes.

Technical Data

Interface Seriell RS 232
Fold technology Rollers
Paper feed Automatic/ Manual
Paper length 210/420 mm - unlimited
Paper width 297 - 930 mm
Paper weight 60 - 110 g/m²
Package width 180 - 420 mm, opt. 100- 420 mm
Cross fold width 180 - 420 mm
Cross fold length up to 1,5 m (80 g/m²)
Margin 0 - 30 mm
Fold programs 8
Fold standards DIN 824, AFNOR,ANSI u.a.
Fold speed 19 m/min
Entry heights 650- 850 mm
Consumption 115/230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6A/3A
Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 1350 x 1310 x 1010 mm (L,W,H)