estefold 3001

Online Folding - light & handy

The document to be folded is directly transferred from the respective printer to the estefold 3001.

According to the selected fold program, the fan fold is carried out automatically & precisely.

For the subsequent cross fold, the fan folded document must be fed in manually via the cross fold rail.

The then finished crisp fold package may be obtained easily from the lower or upper collecting tray, depending on the number of cross folds.

estefold 3001 let´s you create perfect folds - light & handy.  



estefold 3001 combines standard-setting technology, comfort and smart design in what might just be the most compact fold device ever.

All proven & appreciated advantages like:

- Easy installation, thanks to a complete "plug & fold" factory assembly

- Unmatched flexibility, thanks to "millimeter-increment" adjustability

- ES-TE quality, durability and long life

were also kept as core characteristics in the all new 30xx series.

So quiet that it is even certified for use in living rooms!

estefold 3001 is best suited for low to mid volume printers.

Technical Data

Feed (fan fold) Automatic
Feed (cross fold) Manuall
Fan fold only (max.) 29 layers
Fan- and cross fold (max.) 6 layers
Document width 297 - 930 mm
Document weight 60 - 110 g/m²
Panel width fan fold 170 - 230 mm
Panel width cross fold 250 - 320 mm
Margin 0 - 40 mm
Fold programs 45
Fold standards DIN 824, AFNOR,ANSI a.o.
Weight 130 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1158 x 725 x 1006 - 1341 mm


Please click on the following link for the requested file:

Flyer estefold 3001