estestack 1000

Professional Wide Format Stacking

The estestack 1000 stacks up to 500 A0 prints of a wide variety of media (PPC, Coated, Glossy etc.) accurately and precisely.

The integrated heating unit flattens the prints so that curled edges will never again decrease your productivity. Different temperatures can be selected by the push of a button.

The estestack 1000 is connectable to almost all major printers in the market- just plug and stack.

High quality prints do not belong in a catch bag- protect them with the estestack 1000.



The unmatched stacking capacity of up to 500 prints in different formats and media is a striking distinguishing mark of  estestack 1000.

PPC, Ink Jet, Coated, Glossy etc. - even bigger than A0 and up to a length of 1.700mm - can be stacked professionally and gently.

This enables unattended printing in high volumes which leads to an increased productivity for your company.

Well-known customers are convinced of the benefits.

High quality prints do not belong in a catch bag - protect them with estestack 1000.

Technical Data

Paper width up to 1118 mm resp. 44‘‘
Paper length up to 1700 mm
Stacking- Capacity up to 500 sheets (80 g/m²)
Dimensions 1620x 1.350x 1.245mm (LxWxH)
Entry heigth 660- 1170mm