es-te folding systems

Stacker estestack 2000

estestack 2000 is the professional complement to all commonly used large format printers.

Technical plans and drawings in black and white or even full-colour posters are stacked accurately & precisely.

Increase your productivity through unattended job processing - even overnight.

Protect your high quality prints from a catch bag and become more efficient.

The stacker, that most professionals trust: estestack 2000.


estestack 2000 exhibits a massive stacking capacity of various formats and media - up to 500 prints.

With its easy to adjust entry height of 660 - 1100 mm, the stacker connects to all commonly used large format printers.

Many different media types, can be processed efficiently & reliably using estestack 2000.

It stacks documents that are even up to 1220 mm long and/or up to 1120 mm wide precisely.

Newly developed printer speed alignment, as well as the practical slide-in tray makes estestack 2000 a versatile device in your print shop.


estestack 2000 (HP PageWide)


estestack 2000 (EPSON SC-T5400)

Technical Data

Paper width 279 - 1120 mm
Paper length 210 - 1220 mm
Stacking- Capacity up to 500 sheets (80 g/m²)
Dimensions 1340/842 x 1328 x 869 -1309 mm (Lx Wx H)
Entry heigth 660 - 1100 mm