estetab 1110, 1340, 2680

Solid Tabs replace torn holes

Fan (length) folded plans or or any other document simply needs to be placed on the small table and  estetab applies a tab to the last layer automatically.

The complicated slant fold and the subsequently punching are dispensable.

The tear resistant tabs come in easy to change rolls and one roll is sufficient for approx. 1700 tabs (estetab 1110).

It’s a simple and efficient solution.

The tabs are available in the following dimensions:

  • 111 mm estetab 1110 (Europ. 2- hole Standard)
  • 134 mm estetab 1340 (Skand. 2- hole Standard) 
  • 268 mm estetab 2680 (3 resp. 4- hole Standard)



The possibility to apply tabs to fold packages or other documents used to be possible in expensive and sophisticated fold systems, only.

Now we are offering tab applicators as stand-alone units. 

estetab is a very efficient compliment to your offline folder

The convincing advantages are obvious:

Pre-punched, tear resistant, plastic tabs are a solution to file any document in ring binders approved by professionals all over the world.


Tabs are provided with an ageing resistant, solvent free, pressure-sensitive adhesive according to DIN 824. Even weeks of storage without the protection strip do not lead to a dry out. One roll of tabs consists of approx. 195 m which is sufficient for approx. 1700 (111mm) tabs.

The high quality tabs are available in the following versions:

  • Foil white
  • Foil transparent
  • Carton white
  • Foil/ Paper Sandwich 

Technical Data

Width 665 mm
Depth 520 mm
Height 975 mm
Consumption 230V, 50 Hz, 150W
Weight 45 kg