Manual Trim Plus

Dieses solide, elektrische Schneidegerät ist optimal geeignet für Lichtpausen, Papiere, Folien, Zeichnungen, Pläne, Fotos, Poster und vieles mehr.


Manual Trim Plus

Powerful cutting machines for large formats

This solid, electric cutting device is ideal for blueprints, paper, transparencies, drawings, plans, photos, posters and much more.

Thanks to the self-sharpening circular knife and the automatic pressing of the material to be cut, you will always get perfect, clean cuts.

The cutting process is triggered by a hand-held safety bar or a foot pedal. A removable plexiglass pane guarantees absolute operational safety. The built-in lighting makes it easier for you to place the food to be sliced.

The cutting length is unlimited thanks to the slotted side panels.

Cutting length: 150 cm

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