Sistemas de plegado estefold 3010

Folding technical drawings has never been easier!

Processing ten DIN A0 drawings per minute is easy, even for inexperienced users.
Longitudinal and transverse folding are carried out with highest precision & consistent accuracy, in one step.

Selected fold style or possible malfunctions are presented graphically on an all new 7 "Android tablet display.
This appealing & intuative GUI also allows for the easiest & most flexible customization of folding styles.

Finished, sharp-edged folding packages are ejected face up at an ergonomic height.


estefold 3010 combines standard-setting technology, comfort and smart design in what might just be the most compact full-fold device ever.

All proven & appreciated advantages like:

  • Easy installation, thanks to a complete "plug & fold" factory assembly
  • Unmatched flexibility, thanks to "millimeter-increment" adjustability
  • ES-TE quality, durability and long life

were also kept as core characteristics in the all new 30xx series.

So quiet that it is even certified for use in living rooms!

Sistemas de plegado estefold 3010

Technical Data

User Interface 7" Android tablet
Feed Manual (1 Step)
Speed up to 14 A0/min
Programs 45 - editable
Folding styles DIN A,B,C & Freestyle
Conveyor capacity up to 80 A0
Panel width Fan-Fold 170 - 230 mm
Panel width Cross-Fold 250 - 320 mm
Margin 0 - 50 mm
Fan-Fold only 29 panels (80 g/m²)
Fan- and Cross-Fold 17 panels (80 g/m²)
Document width 297 - 930 mm
Document weight 60 - 120 g/m²
Weight 247 kg
Dimensions 1845 x 1465 x 1200 mm (L,W,H)


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estefold 3010