Sistemas de plegado estefold 6010

Folding technical drawings has never been easier!

Processing ten DIN A0 drawings per minute is easy, even for inexperienced users.
Fan- and crossfold are carried out with highest precision & consistent accuracy, in one step.

Selected folding style or possible disturbances are presented graphically in an all new 7 "Android tablet display.
This appealing & intuative GUI also allows for the easiest & most flexible custimization of folding styles.

Finished, sharp-edged folding packages are ejected face up at an ergonomic height.

estefold 6010 - Presentacion de producto

Change of tab roll in < 1 min.


estefold 6010 combines cutting-edge technology, comfort and smart design in what might just be the most potent full-fold device ever.

In addition to its sophisticated design and tough build estefold 6010 shows off with the potential to integrate intelligent, optional features such as:

  • Tab Applicatior
  • Endless-Folding
  • Map-Folding

Because of these options estefold 6010 provides the greatest available functionality in any 1-step, full-fold offline device ever.


Endless Folding

Giving this optional feature plans longer than 20 - 25 panels may be porcessed in segments of 20 - 25 panels. Only the "empty folds" in between segments must then be manually folded.


Tab Applicator

This option allows pre-punched, tear resistant, plastic tabs to be automatically applied to fold packages, for perfect filing. 

Our eco-friendly tabs have a solvent free and pressure sensitive adhesive that does not age and fully comply with DIN 824.

Following tab versions are available (see webshop for details):

- 111 mm (2-Hole Standard)

- 111 mm Slot Hole (include an additional slot hole for receiving a banderole to ensure document-safe bundling of individual drawings)

- 134 mm (Scandinavian 2-Loch Standard)

Map Folding

This feature enhances the fan fold panel width to 100 - 305 mm (from 170 - 305 mm) - adjustable in 1 mm increments.
It allows maps to be folded to their standard format. Customized hiking-, biking- or city maps can be created fast and dependable in individual volumes.

Technische Daten

User Interface 7" Touchscreen
Feed Manual (1 Step)
Speed up to 14 A0/min
Programs 45 - editable
Folding styles DIN A,B,C, AFNOR, ANSI, ARCH & Freestyle
Conveyor capacity up to 80 DIN A0 (80 g/m²)
Panel width Fan Fold 170 - 305 mm (opt. 100 - 305 mm)
Panel width Cross Fold 250 - 320 mm
Margin 0 - 40 mm
Fan Fold only up to 28 panels (80 g/m²) (opt. endless)
Fan and Cross Fold up to 12 panels (80 g/m²)
Document width 297 - 930 mm
Weight 306 kg (standard)
Dimensions 178 x 155 x 132 cm Base;
210 x 155 x 132 cm TAB (LxWxH)


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estefold 6010