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Rollos de cintas adhesivas 111 mm (5 unidades)

Las cintas adhesivas resistentes sustituyen a los agujeros rasgados

These Comb Spine Tabs have a length of 111 mm and include 7 oval holes. They are perfectly suited for the elegant, simple and long-lasting Comb Spine binding of several plans in standard Comb Spine Binders.

Comb Spine Tabs are pre-punched, tear resistant, white plastic tabs containing a solvent free and pressure sensitive adhesive that does not age.

Even weeks of storage without protection strip do not lead to a glue that has dried. 

1 roll equals ~1700 tabs. 1 box contains 5 tab rolls. Sales to Russia only on request.



Número de artículo: 240-242524

(Precio unitario: 107,00 €)
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