Systèmes de pliage estefold 3000

Welcome to the world of automatic folding!

In a first step the plan has to be fed into the estefold 3000  manually for the fan fold.

Subsequently the fan folded document has to be re-fed into the folder to conduct the cross fold. 

Selected fold style or possible malfunctions are presented graphically on an all new 7 "Android tablet display.

This appealing & intuative GUI also allows for the easiest & most flexible customization of folding styles.

Even inexperienced users can process several drawings per minute with ease and repeatability.

Finished, sharp-edged folding packages are ejected face up at an ergonomic height.

Why to buy estefold?


estefold 3000 combines standard-setting technology, comfort and smart design in what might just be the most compact full-fold device ever.

All proven & appreciated advantages like:

  • Easy installation, thanks to a complete "plug & fold" factory assembly
  • Unmatched flexibility, thanks to "millimeter-increment" adjustability
  • ES-TE quality, durability and long life

were also kept as core characteristics in the all new 30xx series.

So quiet that it is even certified for use in living rooms!

estefold 3000


estefold 3000 - Setup


Narrow Fold 10 cm

This optional feature enhances the fan fold panel width to 100 - 420 mm (default 160 - 420 mm).
It allows topographic maps and alike to be folded to their standard format - fast, dependable and in individual volumes.

Second catch tray

This second, upper catch tray allows for cross folded plans in DIN A1 and DIN A2 format to be collected in a more comfortabel height. 


Display upright and tiltable

This option allows an individual display inclination adjustment for an improved visibility.

Technical Data

User Interface 7" Android tablet
Feed Manual (2 Step)
Speed up to 30 m/min
Programs 45 (editable on display)
Folding styles DIN A,B,C & Freestyle
Panel width Fan Fold 160 - 420 mm (opt. 100 - 420 mm)
Panel width Cross Fold 200 - 420 mm
Margin 0 - 50 mm
Fan Fold only 29 panels (80 g/m²)
Fan- and Cross-Fold 12 panels (80 g/m²)
Document length 420 mm - unlimited
Document width 297 - 930 mm
Document weight 60 - 120 g/m²
Weight 122 kg
Dimensions 1352x1158x1083 mm (L,W,H)


Please click on the following link for the requested file:

estefold 3000 Flyer

Why to buy estefold?